Using Google AdSense to monetize your site in 2017

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If you want a passive income online, Google AdSense is a very good option to monetize your site’s internet traffic. It’s free to use and very easy to get started with, all you need is a Google account and at least one website to put the ads on. You will also need to register a Google AdSense account, which you can do here.

How it works

In short, you, the website owner, has a number of ad placements on your site and then Google automatically fills the ad placements with relevant ads for your website visitor.

The way it is done in practice is that you first create and customize the ads containers in Google AdSense and then you copy the ad container code (HTML code) for each ad container. Each ad container code is then copied into your site and when a user navigates to your site, the Google ad container code will fetch the actual ad information and display it in the ad container.

Each time a user clicks or views your ads (depending on the ads shown) you get a couple of cents in your Google AdSense account. Here there are a couple of different terms used to measure how much the user interacts with your website like for instance CTR. CTR stands for click-through-rate and is the ratio of how much users for instance click on your AdSense ads per impression.

If you are using WordPress there are themes such as our Adsense Pro Ultimate theme that have built in ad placements in it where you put the Google ad code.

The do’s and don’ts

There are a couple of do’s and don’ts that are important when it comes to advertising on your website using Google AdSense.

The don’ts

Firstly, NEVER click your own ads because this will get you banned for life from Google AdSense. Secondly, don’t encourage OTHERS to click on your ads, this will lead to a ban as-well. Google knows if you are cheating or not and since it is very important for them that the ad integrity is of highest quality, they are very strict when it comes to fraud and illegal clicks. Thirdly there are a couple of content categories that Google does not allow AdSense ads on like for example porn, drugs and gambling for instance. So if you have websites within these categories you will not be able to use AdSense.

The do’s

When it comes to what you should do it’s very important that your sites content is of highest quality, is unique and provide value for the website visitor. Content is also important for search rankings, good content makes your site more attractive to the Google Search engine. Good search ranking will drive traffic which in turn will increase your AdSense revenue.

Make sure you ads are clearly visible for the site visitor and follow Google guidelines and policy when it comes to the ad placements. Our best-selling WordPress theme Adsense Pro Ultimate does this for you out of the box.

It is also possible to change the look of the ads so that they fit with your website’s content more. You can change things like font color, background color, size and more.

Final words

Monetizing your site with AdSense is easy and utilizes Google’s cutting-edge advertisement technology to display relevant ad which enables you to make money online. If you strictly follow Google’s rules and guideline and produce great content on your website the possibility to make money online is there.

Good luck!

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