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I am not sure if this is the right section to post adsense related success stories, if it isn’t, mods please move it to a more appropriate section. Thank you!

I am really excited on sharing my experience with warrior members as to how I was able to increase my revenue by simply changing the design layout.

Although I am not new to internet marketing and have been around for over a year now. I’ve struggled to make a decent living. I’ve been developing adsense related sites in different niches for over 6 months. flipping them for quick cash. but with little success.

Many of my online friends recommended me to buy themes from various theme vendors that claim to increase CTR (I am not saying they don’t work. many people use them and have good success with it). but for me nothing worked well more than Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme…

Six months back. I was really afraid to try any ctr theme. but couple of my friends had seen tremendous growth in their income using adsense pro ultimate and so I bought it at the end of August. 2012 for 569 USD.

And within a few days I saw a surprising change! Here are my stats. you can clearly compare my stats from August till now. There’s a 200% increase in CTR and 300% increase in my earnings! I couldn’t be more happier


This is the first time I am sharing my stats and experience publicly, because I felt the need that many people are looking to make money with Adsense and despite having good traffic to their site they are not having much of a success.



So there you have it! I hope this would motivate people never to give up. Internet marketing is an ongoing effort and REMEMBER it took me 6 months to finally see the results. Boy. I wish I had done that before! Anyways. its better late than never.

Does anyone else had good experience using CTR Themes? Which one? Please share you thoughts …