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CTR ThemesCTR Themes

Theme Features


If we build a feature in the theme, we'll build the options as well.

Along with the standard settings (favicon, logo image, header code, footer code, search & feed setting, etc.), each theme has its unique features which you can configure via the Settings tab.


All themes come with at least one skin. Skins provide different looks for your theme without changing the core functionality.

Skins can be swapped in & out by changing the styles using the typography tab. You can also create custom skins: simply enter your custom css and your skin will be available..

CSS Styling

You have complete control over the style of your theme. Using the CTR Framework you can easily edit, literally any CSS property from font styles to background images.

Easy Styling

Just click & select, and we'll do the CSS
coding for you.

Color Picker

With the live color picker, you don't need
to know any HTML hex color codes.

General Settings

Change Anything to Everything from the General Settings tab