Top Payouts on a High-Converting Product!

CTR Theme offers a whooping 50% commission on all sales, and with a price of $69, it’s a perfect balance of good affiliate payouts with high end-user conversions. What this means is:

  • Earn Up to $34.50 on every Adsense Ultimate Pro sale!

Plus, CTR Theme is a high-converting product.  Top affiliates have had conversion rates as high as 30% when promoting to a targeted list or via a targeted website!

How it Works?

Sign up as an affiliate, promote our product on your website/blog. Once a person clicks the ad and purchases a theme from us, a commission will be generated for that sale, which can be tracked from within your account.

That’s a lot of cash for a minimum effort. We pay all commissions before 15th of every month via Paypal only.

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