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A new version of our most popular and most powerful theme is here! Introducing Adsense Pro Ultimate 3.3 where the development team has implemented in-content ad support for pages functionality which allows you to display the in-content ads on pages. This feature was requested by one of the APU users and in hindsight it is a feature that fits spot-on with what the theme which makes it feel more complete and will potentially increase your ad-revenue!

The in-content ads on pages are controlled through the same settings as the page in-content ads, so if you have in-content ads turned on already for blog posts they will also be shown for pages now.

For those of you that have purchased the Adsense Pro Ultimate theme earlier, the new theme version is available in the member portal here for free (of course).

Please note that the minimum WordPress version requirement is 4.0, so make sure your to upgrade your WordPress site if needed.

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